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1. If I received a speeding ticket, but received NO Points, will this affect my Auto Insurance Premiums? 
Yes, all infractions show up on the States Motor Vehicle reports and can affect Auto Premiums. 

2. What Should I have ready when I call for quote? 
To provide an accurate quote, please have your current insurance coverage's in front of you when you call. These coverages are located on the "declaration" page (or the first page) of your Policy. 

3. I received a speeding ticket in another state. WIll this show up on my record?
Yes, Michigan has reciprocal agreements with most states regarding traffic violations.

4. Do I need to wait for my renewal date to switch insurance? 
No, you can switch insurance at any time. If your current policy is paid up, any "unused" premium will be refunded to you. 

5. Will I save money by having my house and cars insured with the same company? 
Yes, in most cases, insurance companies offer "multi-policy" discounts if they insure both home and cars. Additional discounts are available by adding an umbrellas and/or life policy as well. 

6. How do I contact Your Agency? 
You can reach us at (248) 553-7570. Call us today! 

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