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Our insurance programs and products have kept up with the times. The Baty Agency works with many carriers to provide the most up-to-date coverage to protect your personal needs.


At Baty Agency, we focus on providing you a carrier that can provide you the products and services you would expect from an Independent Agent. We continue to factor loss preventative measures and lower risk factors into our insurance premiums. We can provide complete details about our generous credits/discounts that are available to you.


No one wants to contemplate the possibility of losing everything, or anything, to unforeseen circumstances. Our outstanding Homeowners Insurance features provide the assurance you need. Our Homeowners Policies are equipped with some of the highest standard coverages in the insurance industry and may be enhanced to include unique features that serve your lifestyle.


Spend your valuable summer hours enjoying your yacht, boat, or PWC without worrying about financial loss if damage occurs. Know that your boat investment is protected wherever you use it, even when it’s laid up during the winter! At Baty Agency, we offer you the best available boat insurance coverage at a cost you can afford. We understand the Michigan boating lifestyle and represent insurance programs that are easily customized to fit your individual needs.

Rental Properties

Most of us think of fire as the greatest threat to our home or business, but fire is not a landlord's only risk. Of equal concern is liability for an accident on your rental premises that results in injury and is determined to have resulted from your negligence as landlord. In researching Rental Dwelling Policies, we have taken into account these and other risks faced every day by landlords. Additionally, we offer a series of optional coverages to further fine tune your Rental Dwelling Policy.

Umbrella Liability

Personal Umbrella insurance, sometimes called Peace-of-Mind Coverage, is extra protection against large liability claims. While your underlying auto, home, and marine policies provide liability protection, the coverage may not be enough should you face a catastrophic liability claim.


Eligible yachts are 26 feet or more in length and we are willing to look at many vessels that other carriers ignore.


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